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worthiness You know, guys, I had a revelation recently. I realized that-in my own personal universe at least-that there is a distinct difference between being DESERVING of something and being WORTHY.

This matters-again, at least in my corner of the Universe- with everything.

Let me break it down:

For starters, we often confuse WORTHINESS with DESERVING on a self-esteem level.

Example: Are we WORTHY of having the life we desire or are we DESERVING of it?

Another example: Are we WORTHY of earning more money or being financially wealthy or are we DESERVING of it?

Another one close to home:

Are we WORTHY of being in a loving, dynamic relationship with our soulmate…or are we DESERVING of it?

Let’s define the two:

We are ALL worthy of good things; we are worthy of having whatever our hearts desire-whatever it is. WORTHINESS stems from each person’s natural birthright to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. By our very nature, we are more than flesh bodies, male or female or even our personalities. We are of the very fabric of all there is-divine born of divine…or as scripture says, “word became flesh”.

By that alone, we are worthy.


Deserving is a tad different. As I said, we often confuse the two. But are we DESERVING of having the life we desire? Are we DESERVING of being in a loving, dynamic relationship with our soulmate?

The answer is: it depends.

It depends on us-on whether we are up to the task, so to speak. See, I believe that while WORTHINESS is inherent–a spiritual quality, DESERVING is earned..

While we are WORTHY of being in an amazing soulmate relationship, we may not be DESERVING of one. While we may be WORTHY of being financially wealthy or having that dream career, we may not be DESERVING of it yet.

In other words, we have to:

1. Be a vibrational match to what we are worthy of, i.e. what we want.

2. Similar to #1, be on the same wavelength as what we want.

3. Do the necessary preparation emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually for what we want.

With #1 and #2, DESERVING means that we have to have our belief systems in order. It also means that we have our thoughts on the same page, too. For example, if we have a core belief in our subconscious mind that love = pain, then we will energetically repel love from ourselves. OR we will self-sabotage it even if it does show up. We have to also be thinking dominant thoughts that will attract and create what it is we seek. Thoughts like, “I am worthy of love” or “I am so thankful for love coming into my life”.

With #3, we must do what Lenon Honor (www.lenonhonor.com) calls PHP: PURIFICATION, HEALING & PREPARATION.

Purification: Purifying our environment, intenally and externally. Learning to say “I do” to ourselves! Cultivating self-love within ourselves, learning and appreciating who we are, practicing self-respect, honoring our feelings, honoring our time, and just honoring ourselves overall. Instead of reading celebrity gossip blogs, we can choose to read blogs like this one. To ask ourselves with each decision we make (what we watch on t.v.-or IF we should continue watching t.v.-what we read, what music we listen to, what we spend our “free” time doing, and who we hang out with) is this decision going to help us or harm us? Does it come from self-love or a need for escapism? Is what I’m choosing to do getting me closer to my dreams and goals or is it holding me back from them?

Healing: Instead of escapism with drugs, shopping, sex or entertainment (or all of them combined in some scenarios) DESERVING means facing our fears, our pain and traumas for the purpose of healing them. Hurt people hurt people and until we heal, we will only continue the cycle.

Shameless plug here: I have a powerful e-book on healing called “How do I get Over it? A practical Guide to letting go of the Past”. (Click on the link if you want to know more). I take a very unique, practical and non-traditional approach to forgiveness and it has changed my life. If you’re struggling with unforgiveness and past pain, I recommend checking it out.

But back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Preparation: These are the practical action steps we take to prepare ourelves for what it is we desire. If it is a romantic soulmate relationship, there are many ways to prepare. I mean, if we are traveling out of town, we prepare, right? We pack a bag with what we need. If we are having people over for dinner we prepare by getting the food, making dinner, setting up the dinnertable and cleaning the house.

It is the same with preparing for what we want. We practice dressing better, having a better attitude, cleaning our house regularly, reading books on how to have positive strong relationships, and anything else to prepare us for meeting our dream mate.

And that goes for anything. We must deserve things by matching our dedication, determination, discipline, time management, and focus to what we want. We have to put in the work along with visualizing and believing what we want is already there.

Enough shared for today.
Sending you peace & internal ease,


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