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self blame

I’m learning to be human.

Sounds simple, but the simplest things are hardest sometimes.

In this marriage with myself, it can often mirror a relationship with someone else–trying to be perfect.

Do these sound familiar?

—If I go on this diet, I’ll lose weight and be liked more
—If I stop making this mistake, I’ll be okay;life will be okay
—If I….

At the core of it, I have this feeling that if I am perfect, then I will be loved unconditionally. Not only that, but Life will be perfect, my relationships will be perfect, I’ll be accepted and not corrected and I won’t disappoint anyone….

Wish me luck.

I’m starting to internalize the fact that I am only human. And that being human is not a bad thing.

Let’s get philosophical for a minute.

What if being human means vulnerability? What if this fragile-ness, this ability to not only succeed but to fail, to rise but to fall, to laugh but cry is the whole point of it all?

What if the key to perfection is embracing our imperfection?

What if being weak really does make us strong?

You know what’s been funny right now? Is that the more I just accept the fact that I feel weak, vulnerable, unsure and other “negative” emotions in my life; the more I realize that I don’t have the answers to my own dilemmas, the more I feel free.

The better and more secure I am in my relationship with ME.

Maybe I’m not supposed to be prefect. Maybe-just maybe-I’m supposed to simply BE.

How about you?

Until we meet again,


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