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hugging yourself

Something I did recently was apologize to myself. I don’t know if this is news to you, but it was to me. I was having a shitty day and was really stuck in a depressed state. I was saying a few things to myself that I became aware of in that moment that were pretty cruel. While sitting in my office chair, I was swirling back and forth in my fuzzy bathrobe, thinking a train of negative thoughts.

“Negative” as if to say mean things–things like, “you always try things and they never work”.

Things like, “You are screwed in life.”

And things like, “You’re too old to have what you want now…”

Then, suddenly, a voice inside said,

Wait a minute! Don’t say that! Apologize right now!

So, I manned up and told myself:

I’m sorry. You don’t deserve to be talked to that way. It’s not even true. I’m just upset and depressed and I’m just repeating some script I need to rewrite.”

Then I gave myself a hug and got up.

I know, it sounds corny, but well, in life the corniest things are the things that are true and effective.

So if you’ve been going through a rough time, remember–no matter how many people may love you or be around you, the reality is that you’re all you’ve got. You’re the only one who will be with you every minute, every experience and every moment..and every thought….so be good to yourself.

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