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Check Out this video on what makes you worthy for a great romantic partner from dating expert (and I don’t use that word lightly) April Beyer:


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A huge issue I’ve personally encountered- as well as people I talk with-seems to be the hang-up with someone “being out of your league”. This mindset has crippled humans for centuries. Social status was and still is used to lock people into a false sense of their own worth.

This term “net worth” is a dousie. We live in a society where someone’s value is assessed on how much money they have. This trickles into our personal lives, too. People-including myself-have spent time walking around insecure and dejected because we weren’t in a social status situation that was “acceptable” for a successful individual to consider us as valuable potential mates.

This deep-seeded, socially acquired insecurity¬†is a quiet epidemic afflicting many people who are too ashamed to discuss it openly as I am doing¬†here.¬† But it has to be addressed because it’s killing people slowly. And it is erroneous. B.S. It’s based on a superficial lower-caliber, immature¬†mindset-usually by people not interested or ready for deep, meaningful relationships in the first place. (We’re talking immature people who aren’t bringing what really matters “to the table” themselves).

But the truth is, as April so wonderfully states in her video, “quality people are looking for their complement, not their reflection.”

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Bottom line: There is no one who is “too good” for you. You may not be a good match for them for various reasons but in essence spiritual laws tell us we are all from the same source. So, the plumber with the more-than visible hairy ass-crack comes from the same source as Princess Diana.

What does this have to do with Idomewed?


Because it is a reflection of how we value ourselves. In fact, most of us value ourselves based on other people’s opinions of us or the way they treat us. In other words, what is reflected back to us. But that’s the irony. It becomes a vicious cycle where we base our value on what other people say or do-or the social messages we see in the media-¬†but we don’t realize that these are the exact things that are coming from us in the first place.

For example, if we think we are not good enough because we “don’t bring enough to the table” then what types of people will be attracted into our lives? You guessed it-people who will confirm what you already believe. Now, the funny thing is that¬†we base our self-worth on the person sitting across from us who is criticizing or passing us over due to the fact that we don’t make a certain amount of money or we don’t look like a “supermodel”¬† and now we are suffering with low self-esteem. We neglect the fact that these people are only confirming our own feelings towards ourselves!

People and circumstances only confirm what we already believe about ourselves.

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So in this journey of falling head over heels with who we are, let’s stop looking to other people, relationships and circumstances to tell us our value. Let’s determine our own value and the world will reflect that back to us in return.

Peace & internal ease,




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